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"Bao Chuang" has developed the precision assembly equipment for micro camera module of smart phones and wearable intelligent devices at our business beginning, by riding the rapid development train of Chinese smart and intelligent devices markets expansion rapidly in pass years. Borison is committed to break this market monopoly by several foreign major vendors.

With our elite R&D team and strong sales network, we have successfully developed high-speed equipment of appearance inspecting, screening & sorting for precision parts in 2020’, which is almost 50% better in stability and capacity than similar equipment on the market.

However, we did not stop our technology develop. In early of 2021, we had moved the foreign venders’ market of monopoly IGBT power die bonder again, breaking the technical threshold that domestic die bond and SMT PNP equipment technology cannot be combined. At the same time, we have a new breakthrough in single platform and multi type of component feeding compatibility. It is Auto Wafer System, Auto Tray System, Solder Plate Tape-feeder or even the substrate on the mounting platform is compatible with multiple types of different varieties and specifications on a single platform at the same time. (This IGBT Power Die Bonder machine will be officially released between the third and fourth seasons of 2021’).

The success of Bao Chuang depends on the unity of the teams of R&D, software design and production, quality control, after-sales and administration system, who are not afraid of hardships and constantly break through the leap of self-cultivation technology. We will continue to challenge the new fields and new heights of technology, move forward to development and manufacturing more higher precision assembly equipment. And give full play to our capabilities in the field of independent innovation technology in China, as well as to support the majority of Bao Chuang to continue to produce the higher-level, more stable and reliable products.