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Bao Chuang has established a leading position in the industry with our R & D and manufacturing of precision bonding equipment for camera modules of smart phone & portable devices. We are keep going to develop the innovative technology in the fields of high-precision bonding and wafer die bond technology.

The technical requirements of micro cameras are becoming higher and higher, and the requirements for precision mechanical structure, visual inspection and analysis ability are becoming so stringent. Bao Chuang with the innovative spirit, the experienced R & D team, and our owned smarter & innovative software underlying systems let us forge ahead into the new century of technology.

At present, Bao Chuang has developed a variety of equipment products, including SV series IGBT power die bonder, PH series high-precision arraying & sorting machine, HP-X3 series high-speed glass (IR filter) bonder, and HP-X1 series multi-purpose precision mounter. Also, we have the VS series precision visual analysis software and others automation equipment, which can provide sufficient solutions for customers to reduce manpower and cost by the realize efficient automatic production lines.