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SV300 series IGBT Power Die Bonder

China is the leadership in the world of electrified railways and high-speed railways, the world's largest consumer and manufacturer of electric vehicles, and a global leader in battery R&D and manufacturing. Under this premise, Chinese IGBT power modules (electric power conversion system) consumption is also the highest in the world. However, most of the key production equipment of IGBT power modules manufacturing has been monopolized by several foreign major vendors basically, which is the risk increases if any foreign country considered to be controlled and suppressing the Chinese IGBT industry development with their political reasons.

Therefore, the time has come for 'Bao Chuang' to exert our owned R&D capabilities again, to create more precise and flexible equipment in the field of IGBT power module bonding equipment, thereby once again breaking the monopoly of foreign venders in Chinese high-tech industry.

Bao Chuang's IGBT Power Die Bonder fully automatic placement equipment (IGBT Power Die Bonder) combines the advantages of Die Bonder and SMT PnP equipment technology, adds the latest R&D technology and software capabilities for multi-platform smart controlling. There are multiple platforms on the equipment, including: Auto-Wafer, Auto-Tray, Solder-Plate Tape Feeder, and optional bulk form feeding (Bulk-feeder).