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The new trend of BCB’s equipment development, has involved in the field of mobile camera

With the rapid developments of the Internet, 4G/5G mobile, smart phones and wearable intelligent devices have become popular. Smart phones and wearable intelligent devices are almost become indispensable tools in our daily life. The development of smart-phone digital camera also evolves from 0.3 megapixels to 20 megapixels in less than 15 years.

In previous years, high-precise mobile camera module assembly equipment has basically been monopolized by several foreign major vendors. Borison, is committed to break this market monopoly and now introduces the latest CAM module precise assembly equipment, by leveraging the existing expertise in SMT equipment technology.

Borison is continuously improving her technical ability and proudly introduces the new professional CAM module assembly machine – the HP series. In addition, Borison has the existing GP series CAM IR Filter assembly machine with the fastest production speed of 3000uph to assemble IR filter and FPC holder. Both HP and GP series machines have adopted with the latest precise adhesive glue dispensing system, which is a multi-axis controlling system to manage dual dispensing heads simultaneously to fulfill the high productivity and fully automated process requirements. The HP and GP series’ high-precise CAM module assembly machines are also equipped with automatic feeding system to reduce manpower requirement and maintain the higher capacity output.

Borison understands the importance of quality and technical excellency of the products, hence we are very much focus on the technological innovation and the capability to constantly challenging on new ideas of technology and industrial applications. In particular, the operation software is highly flexible and convenient to use, complemented with user-friendly interfaces. Looking forward, Borison shall focus on high-precision assembly equipment development and manufacturing such as flip-chip processing device and bring further benefits to our customers with mutual trust and long-term partnership.