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Bao Chuang are awarded the certificate of High-Tech Enterprise by China

Shenzhen Bao Chuang Electronics Co., Ltd. successfully passed the evaluation and acceptance by Shenzhen Science and technology innovation Commission, Shenzhen finance bureau, State Administration of Taxation, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and other departments, officially awarded the certificate of "National High-tech Enterprise" (Certificate No.: GR201944200375).

National High-tech enterprises is also named as China’s High-tech Enterprises, are specially qualifications established by our country to support and encourage the development of China's high-tech enterprises, to balance the industrial structure and enhance the economic competitiveness of China. Therefore, it fully shows that our company (Bao Chuang) is at the leading level in the industry in terms of independent intellectual property rights. Also, our organization and management level of R&D, transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, growth indicators and other links.

Bao Chuang was rated as a high-tech enterprise, which is a milestone on our development path, affirming our efforts and achievements, and becoming the driving force for the company to continue to promote independent innovation and advanced technology of R&D, further enhance the core competitiveness and continue to innovate new technologies in our new products, developing the new market and create brilliance future.